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Producer / Stockist

How much resources do you spend

on finding, compiling and dispatching documentation?

Producers and warehouses have to handle a lot of documents every day: Incoming documentation for base parts and stock items, creating documentation for the complex products you produce and complete documentation packages for delivered items. Finally, making these documents available to your customer.

What if a product batch is recalled? If a customer has lost their copy of the documents? With a lot of parts and products, customers and deliveries, tracking down the all correct documentation can be quite time-consuming.

Increasing documentation demands, with resources at a premium in today’s market, means documentation handling will become an even greater challenge tomorrow.
Are you already now at a level where streamlining the handling would pay off?

One Unified System for All Documentation

You need a system that:

  • Has powerful search tools
  • Quickly assembles product and batch document packages
  • Quickly registers and archives documents, using Drag’n’drop
  • Supports an open data exchange format
  • Has specialized archives for
    • Batch documentation, like EN 10204 material certificates
    • Article documents, like user manuals, datasheets, etc.
  • Is your own virtual robot, automatically finding the documentation for a delivery or a production batch
  • Tracks documents sent for deliveries
  • Automatically makes the documents available to your customer
  • Has support for documentation package hierarchies
  • Gathers product and article type documents into master-packages with production batch sub-packages
  • Generates document packages to customers’ specifications with configurable templates
  • Seamlessly integrates with your existing systems

HADocs – Handling Automation of Documents, does this and much more.

Generate a Document Package with 7000 pages? Wait π minutes!

Work on Content, Produce Documents

When you receive base products and parts, you can register their documentation in HADocs. As the complex product is finished, HADocs helps you compile the documentation for the finished product.

In a master package, you register all common documents for a product line. You then create sub-packages that use the common documents, where you also register the documentation for all parts used in this batch. You should only need to do the quality check and verification the first time you register any document.

HADocs is ready to help your company reach new levels of efficiency and control over all your document management needs!

With your documents in HADocs, issuance is automated

As soon as your warehouse has reported the goods as packaged for transport, the virtual robot HADocs can automatically find and email the correct Batch Documents, Certificates and Article Documents to your customers. You can even attach newsletters or leaflets, e.g. for a specified period only. At the same time, they’re also made available for your customer through your Branded Web-portal. HADocs even supports automatically transferring documents from system to system.

The automated issuance frees up resources, helping your QA department focus more on quality and verification, when registering your documents.

Getting a coffee while
HADocs is compiling your MRB?
You’ll have to run!

Document Management Simplified

Based on Windows Explorer, the user interface for HADocs is so intuitive that you won’t need much training at all. Everything we have added, was added to improve your workflow when handling large amounts of documents, and their revisions.

HADocs even has a fully featured internal archive, for handling non-product documents.

HADocs is Ready to Help Your Company Run Smoothly

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are some of HADocs’ other great features:

  • Company-branded Web Portal for customers, sales staff and other employees
  • Powerful, fully customizable templates for document assembly
  • Simplified and documenting standards verification (ASTM, NORSOK, TR2000, etc.)
  • Integrate with popular systems easily (SAP, M3, Movex, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV and others)
  • Choice of on-site or cloud solution
  • Revision control
  • Generate reports as PDFs or Excel-files.

For more details, read our Technical pages.
For a trial or more information about HADocs, please see our contact page.

How will you solve the documentation challenge, get an edge on your competition and be prepared for tomorrow’s demands?

Can you afford not using HADocs?