HADocs can be installed on your company’s own servers, or as part of a hosted solution.
You choose the model best suited to your company’s needs.

Branding HADocs

No matter which solution you choose, the HADocs Web Portal will be branded under each customer’s unique name, ensuring consistent branding and security.

Cloud Based Document Management

The hosted solution grants you full access to the HADocs application and web portal. Using the Microsoft Azure hosting platform, your data is kept on secure servers, Microsoft take responsibility for any hardware maintenance, and we handle any software updates and data backup involved.

On-Premise Hosting of HADocs

HADocs can run on your server. You supply the infrastructure, and HADocs supplies the best document management system available today. Our service package also includes setup and integration support, as well as any ongoing consultancy necessary to ensure that HADocs runs smoothly. Customers are granted access to the web portal under their own domain name.